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Best DJ Speakers

The Best DJ Speakers in the World

If you want to be the best DJ in your city, you must have the complete equipment to do it, which includes: a Mixer, a microphone and modern DJ Speakers. Whether you are a Professional DJ with work every weekend, or an occasional DJ who organizes events such as weddings and parties of 15 years, you will always need to have good DJ speakers so you can play in any event without problems.

However, finding the best units that fit your needs can be difficult and take some time. You will have to navigate through different sites checking products of different brands and see prices that may overwhelm you.

That is why we have compiled this list with the 5 best DJ speakers of 2020. This list is created based on several factors such as brand, sound power, quality, price, and Bluetooth. In addition to other factors such as comments from customers who have purchased these products.

Top 5 Best DJ Speakers 2020

5. Alphasonik 12″ Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered 1200W PRO DJ

If you are looking for a speaker with quality sound and at an economical price, the Alphasonik 12 “is the ideal choice for you.

Alphasonik 12″ dj speaker

This great speaker is a complete sound system ideal for karaoke. It has an elegant black design suitable for all types of occasions. Best of all, it has an output power of 1200 W, with this power you can organize events even outdoors. In addition, when you buy, you not only receive the speaker, but you also receive two high-quality wireless microphones, remote control, one tripod stand to support it, and the cables to connect it.

One of the main features of the Alphasonik 12 “is it has a potent Bluetooth. The range is about 100 feet. In addition to this, it has a rechargeable battery that provides long hours of duration, so you can go anywhere listening to your music. It also includes a USB media drive and SD card drive. Enjoy digital music for hours by plugging an SD card or USB media drive and play your favorite music.

Like most of the best DJ speakers, it includes master control of the speaker and microphone volume. It also has a complete equalizer with bass, treble, and echo, which allows a clear, compact, and powerful sound output. With the Eco function, you can add effects and save them as presets.

This unit has a fairly portable design, as it brings handles on both sides and also includes wheels for easy transport. With this unit, you can impress your audience thanks to the built-in LED strobe light that flashes with the rhythm of your music. It also includes FM radio and LED display. The tripod stand is also ideal for easy support when you’re playing at your gigs.

There are quite a few positive comments about this unit:

Robert says:

And this sub hits hard. Clean. Not muddy. I put on an aggressive sci-fi movie and pushed the volume waaay higher than I’ll ever use and had no distortion from the sub or center/surrounds.

Matt Phillips​​​​​​​ says:

Been using these for over a month now with great results. Very good sound, especially for the price. The manual adjust on the subwoofer is nice too for when you want to dial the bass up or down on the fly.


The power, brand quality, and accessories make this unit one of the best in the market. As you can see it is a very powerful and complete system. It has the same speaker characteristics of more recognized and expensive brands. With this great unit, you can have constant sound wherever you go thanks to its rechargeable battery. You can also transport it wherever you want thanks to the wheels. Now you can ask your child to help you carry your heavy unit!

In addition, with the two microphones, you can invite your friends to karaoke in the yard of your house. Finally, the price is excellent for this very complete DJ speaker.

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ALPHASONIK 12" Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered 1200W PRO DJ Amplified...
  • Take your music anywhere with Alphasonik compact and portable DJ speaker system with a built-in rechargeable...
  • Play music from any Bluetooth enabled device. Enjoy digital music for hours by plugging an SD card or USB...
  • Two high quality wireless microphones are included. Built-in dual Antennas ensure a solid wireless Audio...

4. Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System 1000W 

The Pyle Model PPHP1244B is the perfect DJ system for those looking for quality and good sound at an economical price.


pyle dj speaker

The kit includes 12 ” subwoofers, high quality 1 ” tweeters, microphone and compression driver w/ FM radio and LED display. This portable high powered full-range audio loudspeaker PA system has a maximum power output of 1000-watt peak power so you can enjoy your preferred songs as loud as you want.

Like the previous model, this PA speaker is compatible with Bluetooth and works with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android mobile phone, tablet, laptops, etc. It is equipped with a USB flash drive and SD card reader. Also, 3.5-millimeter AUX input, and ¼ inch microphone input for karaoke. Te set includes remote control and power adapter. It does not include the mic.

Designed with a modern and attractive style to combine with any decoration. It can also be easily transported as it has a retractable handle on the top and wheels on the bottom. To enhance any party, the PA speaker system of Pyle includes a multi-color flashing LED party light. It may be controlled through the remote control with flashing LED lights bounce mode and pulse to the music beat.

There are quite a few comments about this unit:

Tom K says:

I work in a loud industrial car factory and this speaker blows away the higher-priced speakers. its loud and nice bass. 100 % happy friends are buying one now at work because of mine. 100% satisfied.

BobR says:

I bought this to use in my garage why it worked it is lightweight and easy to move around. The sound quality is awesome​​​​​​​


The Pyle PPHP1244B is a complete system with excellent features at a minimum price. It has an elegant design created to be portable and can be taken with you anywhere. Customers speak very well about this system, they highlight its durability.

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Pyle, Black, Floor-Standing (PSUFM1035A)
  • 1000 WATT POWER: This active PA amplifier speaker system is equipped w/ 10" subwoofer and 3" tweeter with 1000...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH BLUETOOTH: This box type disco jam powered loud speaker is compatible w/ bluetooth for...
  • 6 INPUTS: Equipped with a USB flash drive and SD card reader so it can serve as an MP3 player, a 3.5mm AUX...

3. Powered PA Speaker AKUSTIK 15-Inch 1200W Bluetooth

The powerful 15-Inch 2-Way Powered PA Speaker of AKUSTIK comes to third place in our countdown.

Although the brand AKUSTIK is not a well-known brand, this powerful loudspeaker produces a high-quality sound. This powerful unit generates about 1200 W of sound output. Its design is classic and simple. In addition, the material with which this speaker is manufactured is compact and durable. For all these reasons, this loudspeaker has received very good comments from those who bought it.

You can connect it to the mixer or connect your electric guitar and then you will get great sound to impress your audience. It also includes Bluetooth, which is a fantastic feature. With this, you can easily connect it to your mobile device. The unit is also support for USB, SD Card Reader, Guitar, and AUX INPUT. The loudspeaker is a two-way speaker, includes a 15 ” woofer and a 1 “tweeter to provide better listening enjoyment which is able to provide a deeper and more precise bass than ordinary speakers and it doesn’t distort the audio even at higher volume levels.

This PA speaker includes the main volume control and Equalizer on its back. Here you can find the treble control for high frequencies, bass control for low frequencies, and echo control. It also includes a nice little LED screen.

This PA speaker includes a remote control so you can easily operate it. There is a compatible 1,378 insertion hole under the speaker that can be used with a universal speaker stand to complete a set. It also has a speaker line that is compatible with the connection of second speakers or subwoofers.

May says: Good for the price

This speaker is amazing. The quality of voice is good and nice clear. Speaker has great volume and the bass is deep. It comes with a remote control easy to operate. So far we only use Bluetooth to connect with phone to play music, easy and convenience.

John Thompson says: Bluetooth range is great!

Amazing speaker! I use it as a DJ booth monitor and at home for outdoor parties. The Bluetooth range is much better than any other speaker I’ve owned. It’s just as clear at full volume as it is at low.


The perfect speaker for lovers of classic and simple. With the sound power of this unit, you can not only use it in lively and loud places like karaoke, parties, gigs, bars, albums, weddings, but can also be used for serious places such as performances, anniversaries, speeches, and more.

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AKUSTIK 15-Inch 2-Way 1200W Powered PA Speaker, Bluetooth DJ Loudspeaker,...
  • ♪ AKUSTIK 15" 2-WAY POWERED PA SPEAKER: 1200 Watts Peak/300 Watts RMS. This 2-way speaker is includes 15''...
  • ♪MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PA SYSTEM: This PA speaker is compatible with phone, DVD, CD player, MP3 player, laptop,...
  • ♪ MULTIPLE PLACES AVAILABLE: This 1200W powered speaker is not just can be used in lively and noisy places...

2. Powered PA Speaker Electro-Voice ZLX12P 12″ 1000W

In the second place, we have the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P a very good Powered Loudspeaker.

Like the previous model, this speaker also has a classic and simple design. It is a powerful unit that has a sound output power of 1000 W. Includes a 12-inch woofer and 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver.

With ZLX, Electro-Voice set a unique objective: to offer one of the best results of its kind in every detail. This model includes Bluetooth too. It is quite light, only 34.3 lbs. It is also manufactured with super durable compounds and exclusive high/low grip design.

Includes LCD display and one-button DSP control with presets. It also has a patented split baffle design for superior driver time alignment.

Here you have a small video created by EV in which they teach how to configure this unit.


Here are some customers comments about this unit:

John L. Hovan says Looked at many, but this is the one!

Everywhere I’ve seen the vocals are lacking, these speakers deliver superb quality on both mid and high end. You may want to add a subwoofer for deep bass, but otherwise, these speakers are incredible for small venues. Gold Standard!.

Eric Snodgrass says great Speaker, Especially For the Price!

They are lighter than some other powered speakers, and they have conveniently-placed handles on the top and bottom of the back as well as on one side for easy handling and transport. I have used these for months now on various types of live events, including musicals using dozens of wireless mics, rock/pop bands, and corporate events.

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Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" 2-Way 1000W Full Range Powered Loudspeaker
  • Designed for power and performance making it ideal for smaller-venue sound reinforcement or stage-monitoring
  • LCD display and 1-knob DSP control with presets for precise and speedy setup
  • Input level meters and independent amplifier control to ensure optimal gain structure

1. Powered Speaker JBL Professional EON612 12″

The first place is for the powerful professional speaker EON612 from JBL.

The JBL company has been recognized for years for offering high-quality products, and they currently manufacture some of the best DJ speakers on the market. An example of this is the EON612 professional speaker, a fairly complete sound unit.

Designed with high-quality materials, the design of its cabinets has been optimized for perfect acoustic resonance, taking advantage of injection molding techniques and mechanical conformation of the cabinets. This design is special for a consistent response throughout its 110-degree coverage pattern. It also allows the sound to be soft and transparent for the entire audience.

The JBL EON612 has a sound output power of up to 1000 W. It is compatible with Bluetooth v4.0 with iOS and Android devices, so you can connect anywhere. Through the Bluetooth function, it is possible to adjust the 5-way user-definable parametric equalizer and save the presets. It has three volume controls; one main volume control and two volume control for microphone and subwoofer.

Like the design of the Alphasonik 12 “, it has handles conveniently located on the sides for easy transport and moving. The Package Includes JBL EON612, power cable, 1-year manufacturer warranty PLUS 1 year extended warranty.

here are some customers reviews:

Anglican Pastor says Good product, reasonable price.

We needed a set of speakers to fill in sound along the wings of our space. With a set of cords, these speakers are working wonderfully and came at a fair price.


Although it is a new model, the EON is projected as one of the best DJ speakers of 2020. Thanks to its elegant design, its functionalities, and its great power, make this speaker ideal for all types of parties including parties in venues Large and outdoor. In addition, the JBL brand offers a guarantee of up to one year after purchase. What are you waiting for?

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JBL Professional EON612 Portable 12" 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound...
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE: The JBL EON612 features enclosure designs that have been optimized for flawless...
  • QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY: This portable monitor has been carefully engineered for a consistent response...
  • SPECIAL EXTENDED WARRANTY: For a period of one (1) year from the expiry date of the original Manufacturer's...

What are DJ Speakers?

People commonly use the term DJ speakers to make reference to any speaker which is made for play music at a high volume to encourage a specific audience.

DJ speakers are indispensable for any DJ who wishes to organize different events such as weddings, birthday parties, school dances, and even outdoor gigs. Some call this speaker category “PA” (an old term that means “Public Discourse”).

Types of DJ Speakers

It is possible to find in the market 3 different main types of DJ speakers: The best known are active speakers, passive speakers, and the powered speakers that are a subtype of active speakers. There are also DJ speakers systems that are complete systems with mixer, microphone, and stands for speakers.

Passive DJ Speakers: a passive speaker does not emit any sound by itself. It requires connecting it to a sound amplifier or some power generating unit, which you must purchase separately. Its configuration is a bit more complicated since you must do it from your mixer or your amplifier. These types of units tend to be cheaper.

Active DJ Speakers: are those audio units that have the ability to generate their own sound. You can generate the sound by simply connecting a USB or via Bluetooth. They have volume control and frequency equalizer (low, high, and mid-range). Some have input plugs to connect even another subwoofer. These types of speakers only need one cable to connect to power.

Powered DJ Speakers: in some cases, the active speakers are powered. In these cases, electrical crossover components and amplifiers with power have been added for each controller. i.e. Speakers are equipped with a large bass that can rumble your home and even disturb your neighbors.​​​​​​

DJ Speakers Systems: It is also possible to find complete DJ systems on the market. These systems include the mixer, speakers, micro, cables, and even stands. These systems are built primarily for professional DJs who have work every weekend and want to be recognized. Most are expensive, as they include mixers and speakers of excellent quality. However, it is also possible to find very good quality systems at affordable prices.​​​​​​​

DJ Speakers Brands

Guide to choosing the best DJ speaker

In this small guide, we have compiled some of the features that you should keep in mind when buying your speakers:

Passive or active: According to your needs, you must decide if you need an Active Speaker, an Active Powered Speaker or a Passive Speaker.  The active speakers are the most recommended since they are very complete units, they have everything you need into one piece. (Bluetooth, microphone, volume, equalizer, bass control). In addition, the sound quality is generally better than passive units.

Power Rating (Watts): The wattage rating on an active DJ speaker is the potency of the internal amplifier. Obviously, the higher the watts, the more power the speaker can output. When choosing a suitable speaker for you you must take into account the number of people you will be DJing. You should also take into account the place where you will be working. Since it is different to work in an enclosure than to do it outdoors. If you are going to work in a closed space a speaker with a power of 700 Watts can work very well. But if you need it to work in large enclosures or outdoors, you will need more than 1000 Watts of power.

Woofer Size: The size of the woofer case is measured in inches and establishes how much sound the speaker can handle. For a DJ speaker, the least you’ll usually see is an 8 “speaker. Although the 5” JBL also works very well in small enclosures. The 10 “or 12” inch speakers offer a much clearer and louder sound. You can find them with powers ranging from 500 W to 1500 W depending on the model and brand. With 10 “or 12″ speakers you can work in medium or large rooms without problems.

If you are looking for more power you can opt for the 12″ or 15” units with more than 1200 Watts. These units are ideal for parties in large venues or outdoors. You can also find them in pairs, so you can double your sound power. You may think of pairing your DJ speakers with a subwoofer, which will manage bass much better than other things, that could stress your units significantly less and leave them to manage the middles and highs.

Portability: It may sound obvious, but as a DJ, you should transport your speakers to and from events. You must ensure that your unit has the right size and design for easy transport. Most of them bring handles for transport, others instead have wheels to make your life better.

Brand & Quality: As in many things, the brand determines the quality of each product, and this rule also applies to DJ speakers. The most recognized brands such as JBL, Pioneer, Sony, Bose, and Yamaha, are the ones that offer the best quality speakers. They also have the highest prices. However, there are other brands on the market such as Cerwin-Vega, PYLE, EV, Mackie, Rockville, and others that offer high-quality products at more reasonable prices. In any case, the most recommended is to acquire what best suits your needs and budget.

Price: This is one of the most limiting factors when buying a DJ speaker. And this is because these types of accessories are expensive. Its price can vary from an average of $ 100 for a good quality unit, up to even $ 800 per unit. That is why finding the one that best suits your needs can take some time.

But don’t worry, we have compiled the best ones so you don’t have to look too much. You can choose from one of the 5 mentioned above, or you can choose any of those on this list.

How much do DJ speakers cost?

As we mentioned earlier, the average price of DJ Speakers is $ 100 dollars. If you find something below that price, don’t expect a unit with a lot of sound quality. Remember that you must add a unit that meets your sound requirements and fits your economic needs.

If you want to be a casual party entertainer or just want a unit to listen to music locked in your room, you can find units of $ 120 dollars that work very well. On the other hand, if you want to be a recognized Professional DJ, your best choice is to invest in a good quality unit with good sound power.

Where to buy DJ speakers?

There are many sites on the Internet where you can buy your speakers. Some are audio companies specialized in manufacturing audio units such as JBL and Bosé. Others are larger companies like Sony that manufacture different types of electronic accessories, such as laptops, TVs, and obviously DJ speakers.

However, we consider Amazon as the best choice to buy your DJ speakers. There, you will find units of different types and brands, and best of all at the best price. Also, in 95% of cases, shipping is free.

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