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Adkins Pro Audio Lighted Powered Dual System: The Best DJ Speaker System with Lights

May 15, 2020

The Adkins Pro Audio Lighted Powered Dual 15″ Speakers System is the favorite choice of professional DJs. Thanks to the powerful sound and the lights, this system is one of the best DJ speaker systems with lights of 2020. This great system of Adkins Pro Audio is perfect for professional or Amateur DJs who need to organize different parties.

DJ Speaker System with Lights


Today, we will show you the technical characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of this system. We will also include reviews of people who have already bought the ELA15P-LED DJ System so that you have a more detailed guide before purchasing it.

Technical Characteristics

    • This DJ Speaker System comes with two powerful speakers; each box generates impressive 3000 Watts, for a total of 6000 Watts throughout the system.
    • Each unit has a size of 15”.
    • The total weight of the entire system is about 30 pounds. So one person can transport it.
    • The main feature is the light show. It includes a double LED matrix.
    • Also, this awesome system includes the microphone.
    • It includes all the cables you need to connect the entire system. You can also connect Laptops, DJ mixers, microphones or instruments with ELA15P-LED’s RCA and 1/8″ input jacks.
    • You can also connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile devices such as iPhone, Smartphone, and Tablet and play your music wherever you take it.
    • It also brings USB and SD ports, in case you don’t have Bluetooth and you want to play your stored music.
    • It also has AM / FM radio.
    • Use its convenient XLR Link Output to “daisy chain” additional ELA15P-LEDs or connect external subwoofers.
  • It even has a standard 36mm pole socket for stand mounting.

Advantages Regarding Other Systems With Lights

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a DJ Speaker System with Lights, are its advantages over other systems.

  • Low Price Compared To Other Systems: It is obvious that there are systems on the market at a lower price. However, this system offers powerful and quality sound, microphone, Audio Mixer and cables, all at an excellent price. If you are looking for an economical, quality system whose configuration complexity is minimal, this system is perfect for you. It looks like a system of thousands of dollars and sounds like a monster stack and all at a very low price.
  • Portability: Although there are two cabins and a mixer when organized, it is a package less than 30 “tall and weighs less than 30 lbs. This DJ system is designed to be transported by a single person since each unit brings wheels.
  • Easy Connection And Configuration: A fantastic feature is the system assembly, connection, and configuration are done in a few minutes. The cables are included. One person can do everything easily.
  • Connectivity: You can connect your laptop to play your favorite music. You can also connect DJ mixers, microphones or instruments with RCA ELA15P-LED connectors and 1/8 “inputs. This system has the advantage you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can connect to your speaker system remotely, which is great. Also, if you want to listen to something new, you can play FM radio. Isn’t it enough? It also has USD and SD port to connect your cards and play your favorite MP3s.
  • Perfect For Outdoors Parties: With this system, you can organize different events where you need top-quality DJ / PA sound and fashion party lighting: backyard weddings, graduation parties, pool parties, coffee house performances, recitals, reunions, anniversary observations and more. All your guests will feel they are on the disc. It is also ideal for organizing karaoke with your friends, I love karaoke.
  • Powerful Sound: This great system offers a monstrous and really powerful sound because are powered speakers. Although its bass is not the most powerful, each unit generates 3000 Watts of power, altogether there are amazing 6000 Watts. This system is enough to make a great party outdoors or in any enclosure.


The Audio Mixer has no HDMI input. The lights are on an independent loop and don’t exactly move according to the music. Also, you can’t set it on any given color.

What do customers think?

Joseph says:

“The tuner workers pretty well, set up is pretty easy and it’s a BEAST with sound”.

He considers it a bargain for the level of quality you get with the price. Also, he loves that the speakers have wheels and can be used completely independently of each other. Click here to see the full review.

Cecilia says:

“These speakers are the best investment we have made”.

She comments that each speaker works alone or together. She also loves his sound and says they are very loud and he uses them for outdoor events.

Jorge says:

“I’m not a DJ but I sure feel like one“.

Jorge and his family find them quite funny. He also considers one speaker alone sounds like two. He also loves its quality.

See the next video to see the Adkins Pro Audio Lighted Powered Dual System in action!


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As we have seen, the Adkins Pro Audio Lighted Powered Dual System is the best DJ speaker system with lights. It’s ideal for professional DJs, or for Amateurs DJs who need to organize large events such as weddings, pool parties, and more. In each of these situations, large, expensive, and complicated equipment stacks are not ideal. This DJ system meets all your requirements because it is an easy system to transport and configure.

It is a very complete system. Also, it includes everything that DJs need to organize their parties. With the lights, the microphone, and the small Turntable you will enjoy feeling the best DJ. Remember that it also includes all the cables you need to connect them. Most people who have bought this system speak very well of its quality and give it 5 stars.

So don’t wait any longer and order now and start mixing now!

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