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Best DJ Speakers

Best Portable Bluetooth DJ Speakers 2021

May 15, 2020

If you are a true DJ you can’t cheer up a party with a small and old-fashioned soundbox. You will need a good DJ Speaker to encourage a large number of people. Currently, there are many varieties of DJ speakers on the market. Ranging from sophisticated systems to ones that only require a Speaker, a Microphone, and a good DJ.

Today, it’s possible to find Portable Bluetooth DJ speakers to easily play the music you have stored on your cell phone or laptop. The 2 most typical technologies in wireless speakers are Radio Frequency (RF) and Infra-Red. However, although both technologies have their particular benefits, their functionality is somewhat restricted.

Portable Bluetooth DJ Speakers


Radio Frequency, for example, can occasionally experience interference and reception problems. Infra-Red demands the device and the receiver to be in-line with the other person, and thus limiting portability. Bluetooth speakers, alternatively, can also work without spatial restrictions as long as the speakers and the receiver are inside 30 ft of one another. This way, the interconnection can be established easily between the receiver and the Bluetooth speakers.

Previously, Bluetooth DJ Speakers were considered as replacement Speakers, because the first models did not have much power. However, times change, and today this kind of equipment that can offer a clear and strong sound.

Advantages of Bluetooth DJ Speakers

  1. One of the main advantages is that they consume little power, being a single piece, you can connect it almost anywhere.
  2. Another advantage is that they are wireless. You will no longer have to worry about cables anywhere.
  3. It does not require installation. The connection between the speakers and the mobile device is established almost automatically after switching on. You just have to add the device, allow the connection and that’s it.
  4. The most modern models sound strong. Many of them work with more than 600 watts of power, some like the Pyle Pro PSUFM1035A have more than 1000 watts of power. This is enough to animate an outdoor party or an event in a closed area.
  5. Finally, its portability allows you to take them with you wherever you want. Some models like the PRTY151 of (Acoustic Audio) have a handle and wheels to make it easier to transport.


  1. The speakers and the mobile device you are using should be within 30 feet of each other to operate.

Some of the best brands in this class of Speakers are Sony, JBL, Bose and Altec Lansing. Other very good brands that are becoming known are Pyle and Acoustic Audio. The prices for a good DJ Speaker of this type are in a range between $ 100 to $ 200 dollars.

How To Choose The Best?

The first step to choosing the best Bluetooth speakers is to understand your own needs. If you only want a small speaker to encourage you and your 5 friends or if you want a more professional device that can animate any party and with which you can feel like a true DJ.

This time we bring you 3 excellent reviews of 3 very good portable Bluetooth DJ speakers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Top of Portable Bluetooth DJ Speakers

Acoustic Audio PRTY151 Powered Speaker 15″ Bluetooth

acoustic audio portable dj speaker

An excellent sound machine. It is designed to be completely portable. It has wheels on the bottom and a handle on top to easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Although the Acoustic Audio by Goldwood brand is not very well known, it has been included in our ranking because it is a portable speaker with Bluetooth and that has enough power.

It is equipped with 600W of power, enough to make your house thunder and disturb your neighbors a bit. Its appearance is quite modern and like the previous speakers, has LED lights to create a general party atmosphere when you turn it on.

It also comes with a wireless microphone to use as a karaoke.

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Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Powered Speaker Cabinet, 15-Inch (PRTY151)
  • Battery powered Bluetooth speaker - stream music from your phone to the built in Bluetooth receiver integrated...
  • Extra features - built in FM tuner USB or TF player with controls and remote 1/4 inch mic input and 3 5mm aux...
  • Highest Quality - deluxe Accordion edge 15" Woofer and 2" Tweeter 20hz-20khz 97dB built in rechargeable...

Pyle Pro PSUFM1035A – Bluetooth Active PA Speaker System Portable 1000W


Another great choice. If you’re a fan of powerful sound, the Pyle PSUFM1035A could be the correct speaker for you. With 1000 W of power, this speaker one of the more potent portable speakers with Wireless Bluetooth.

As soon as switched on, you are able to connect it very easily to Wireless and you may start enjoying your preferred tracks combined with a fantastic sound with good power. Take care not to affect the neighbors.

It comes with multi-colored lights that don’t affect the vista and so are perfect to animate any celebration whether inside or outside the home, people enjoy this feature.

Its sound is strong and the bass is deep, it has 1000 W but it sounds like 2000 W. We would recommend it to anyone who loves their music loud and with a heavy bass thump.

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Pyle, Floor-Standing (PSUFM1035A)
  • 1000 WATT POWER: This active PA amplifier speaker system is equipped w/ 10" subwoofer and 3" tweeter with 1000...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH BLUETOOTH: This box type disco jam powered loud speaker is compatible w/ bluetooth for...
  • 6 INPUTS: Equipped with a USB flash drive and SD card reader so it can serve as an MP3 player, a 3.5mm AUX...

Sony GTKXB7BC – Home Audio System With Bluetooth Black EXTRA BASS


The great Sony GTKXB7BC is on a new level. To begin, it includes modern technology with Bluetooth, in addition to USB, and RCA for DJ boards.

Secondly, it features lights with strobes that are adjustable and are awesome during events. When you turn up the volume to the maximum the sound is monstrous and everything can end at a big party.

A great characteristic we really like is the extra bass. with just one speaker is enough to shake your house and attract the police. If you are in the industry and are searching for that professional sound without losing your money, this is it, you won’t regret it.

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Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth (Black)
  • Feel the powerful, clear sound of EXTRA BASS
  • Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth and NFC
  • Pump up that party feeling with club-like LED lighting


There are several options of Bluetooth DJ Speakers that currently exist in the market, however, these 3 have been the best options we have found for you. These DJ Speakers have been chosen according to the number of positive ratings, sound quality, portability, and other characteristics.

When buying, you should consider these recommendations to choose the speaker that best suits your needs. If these 3 speakers do not meet your requirements, here is a great list with more speakers, we are sure that one of them will adjust to your needs.

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