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Best DJ Speakers

Top 5 Cheap DJ Speaker Packages

May 15, 2020

The most sophisticated and high-tech surround sound system is nothing without quality speakers. Everyone would like to have a set of elegant, powerful, portable, durable speakers, and above all, that has a fair price. With this in mind, today we want to show you the best cheap DJ Speaker packages.

Cheap DJ Speaker Packages

Top of DJ Speaker Packages 

  • 2x Ignite Pro 10″ Pro Series Speaker DJ/PA System
  • Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit – Portable 8″ 300Watt DJ PA System
  • Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Bluetooth Loudspeakers Kit
  • Rockville Dual Complete DJ Speakers System Karaoke 12″
  • Pair Alphasonik All-in-one 10″ Powered PRO DJ Amplified Loudspeakers

Acquiring a complete DJ system will allow you to work at large events and even gigs. These types of systems are recommended for professional DJs who have been working at parties, gigs and other meetings for some time. Although, if you are simply a music lover who knows event organization and music mixing; and you also want to purchase an all-inclusive package from the beginning of your career as a DJ, this option is also for you.

Full DJ systems can add more fun to your meetings and events. Many of them come equipped with all kinds of functionalities, such as FM radio, Bluetooth, karaoke system, and even with 2 microphones included. However, when buying a pair of DJ speakers, or a complete system, you must consider your needs. It’s not the same to work in an event as a marriage with little public, than to work in a concert for 300 people or more.

If you are looking for cheap DJ Speaker Packages it is because you are looking for a complete system at an economical price. To avoid spending a lot of money on your next DJ speaker kit, you need to follow our recommendations and choose one of the 5 options that we will present below to make your next event a Cool Gig.

Cheap DJ Speaker Packages

5. Speaker DJ System PA 2x Ignite Pro 10″


The Ignite Pro system is one of the best and most complete DJ systems. Its sound power is an incredible 1500 watts. This is enough to encourage any type of event in a closed area and also to make parties and concerts outdoors for about 500 people.

It also includes brackets to support and maneuver them more easily. The material of the supports is strong and durable. It also includes Bluetooth so you can connect your mobile device and listen to your favorite music. But if your thing is to store your music on other storage devices, this system also includes a USB card slot and SD card reader. It also includes an FM radio transmitter.

It also includes the microphone, in case you are one of those who loves to do karaoke with his friends in the living room or in the backyard. It also includes one remote control and connection cables, which are of great quality.

Customer Reviews:

Adrian Prawl believes that this product is more than he expected. The sound is crisp and clear, regardless of the use of Bluetooth or radio. He says that the speaker stands are also very resistant. All cables were packed neatly and safely and the setup was extremely easy.

Chris K was very pleased to have bought this system. Bluetooth works incredibly well and is configured with the press of a button. He says he would buy these again and recommend them to anyone who will use them normally and don’t expect to create a concert in his yard.

Ignite Pro Speaker DJ System PA Best Deal

2x Ignite Pro 10" Pro Series Speaker DJ/PA System/Bluetooth Connectivity...
  • 10" Active / Passive PA / DJ Speakers - Includes (2) Speaker Tripods and Wired Microphone
  • Complete Party Pack Set Includes 10" 2-Way Active Speaker / 10" 2-Way Passive Speaker
  • Built-in USB/SD Card Slot for MP3 Audio Playback / FM Radio Transmitter for FM Radio Playback

4. Portable DJ System Speaker and Mixer Kit 8” 300 Watt Knox Brand



The Knox Dual speaker is a complete system. It includes everything you need for quality live music performance. This complete system includes 2 passive 7.9 x 7.9 in speakers, 1 x 8 channel audio mixer 8-channel audio mixer, a wired microphone, 2 adjustable height tripod speaker stands, a remote control, a cable Power and 2 line speaker cables online.

With this complete system, you can enjoy high-quality sound at a reasonably economical price. The 2 speakers have a peak output power of 300 watts.

Thanks to the 8 channels you can connect this system to almost any music or sound source. You can connect your laptop, your guitars, and your mixer at the same time. It has 4 XLR microphone inputs, line inputs with RCA or 1/4 inch cables.

With the Bluetooth function, you can connect your phone or mobile device and play your music wherever you go. It also has USB input and SD card slot, in case you are one of those who stores his music in this kind of device… like me. It also includes a 5-band equalizer at the bottom.

Finally, this system is created to be completely portable. It has an interlaced design: the speakers and the mixer connect to each other, while the accessories are stored behind the mixer. In the following image, you can see how it folds for storage or for easy transport.

Customer Reviews:

Customers who have acquired this great system comment that it is very suitable, especially for the price. The performance is excellent and is easy to transport and configure. They also comment that everything works as described and that “the sound quality is good if you are not trying to turn it into something that is not.” Another client states, “I could easily take it to the park and have a lot of sound reinforcement for an outdoor party.” In general, most believe it’s a bargain.

Knox Portable Speaker and Mixer Kit Best Offer

Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit – Portable 8” 300 Watt DJ PA System...
  • COMPLETE DJ MIXER KIT: This portable PA speaker & amp kit includes everything you need for quality live music...
  • HIGH POWERED SOUND PERFORMANCE: Enjoy crisp, clear and powerful sound when you pump up the jams indoors or...
  • 8 CHANNEL AUDIO AMPLIFIER MIXER: Connect this sound system to almost any music or sound source! There are 4 x...

3. Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Kit Pyle PPHP849KT


But if the two previous systems do not convince you, here we present another great option. The Pyle PPHP849KT is a 2-way high power portable full-range audio projection speaker PA system, that has a power output of 700 watts MAX / 350 watts RMS. This sound power is enough for small parties in enclosures, and some small outdoor events such as barbecues.

This system is equipped with professional audio woofers and high-performance compression drivers. It also has Bluetooth and works with devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Like the previous model, it also includes USB flash drive and SD card readers for MP3 audio file playback.

Other external audio inputs included this Pyle system are 3.5mm AUX input, 1/4 “SpeakOn input and XLR microphone input for 35mm karaoke support.

This PA system also includes a digital LCD display and rear panel rotary dial/button control center to adjust the master volume, microphone volume level, treble, and bass so you can balance the audio levels to your liking.

Customer Reviews:

Rob considers them incredible. He also adds that they have a good balance, depth, and adjustments for a strong sound.

Pete works in training for a medium-sized company and comments that it is an excellent system for the price since its sound is clear and crisp; In addition, this system was able to cancel a loud sound from a fan in the auditorium.

José argues that the speakers are amazing, he suffers adding a subwoofer to the kit for more sound power. He even has a video that shows how it works, click here to see the Pyle PPHP149KT in action.

Pyle PPHP149KT PA Speaker System Best Deal

Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Bluetooth Loudspeakers Kit with...
  • 700 WATT POWER: Portable high powered 2 way full range audio projection loudspeaker PA system has a power...
  • 8” SUBWOOFERS + 1” TWEETERS: This active + passive PA speaker kit is equipped with pro audio woofers &...
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH: PA Speaker supports bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works with devices like...

2. Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Kit Rockville


In the second place, comes the powerful Rockville RPG-122K Dual System 12″. We have selected this system as one of the best, due to its impressive features and price. This complete system includes 2 powerful 12-inch DJ / PA speakers with an integrated amplifier, which offer high-quality sound with a power of up to 1000 watts at its peak.

Like all the systems we saw earlier, it includes Bluetooth, so you can listen to your favorite songs anywhere. It also includes USB and SD card reader. It also includes FM radio, so don’t forget to program your favorite station and enjoy it.

All the above features are very good and make this system one of the best. But certainly, the best thing about this system is that it includes a VHF wireless microphone system for 4 microphones. Also, nickel-plated metal receiver and LED display for each microphone.

The system includes a transmitter with 4 high-sensitivity handheld wireless microphones. With a double filter design to limit feedback and interference.

Also, it includes a double RCA cable (0.138 in, 1/8 “) with nickel-plated connectors for robust durability and efficient signal transfer. The conductors are made of 100% copper for greater signal clarity. The Rockville brand is a world-renowned brand and has been perfecting its sound units manufacturing more sophisticated units with better sound quality.

Customer Reviews:

Allen A. loves it! he thinks it is a sound system of quite versatile quality since you can connect up to two microphones and various media sources.

John Kammerdiener thinks that this system has great sound quality. He mentions that the wireless microphone has a very good distance range before it can no longer be used. In addition, he says that it is very easy to configure. He recommends this system to anyone looking for a simple and easy to use the system.

Taylor bought the system to open his new restaurant and was delighted. He thinks the sound quality is amazing and is easy to configure and disassemble for storage. He is also happy because he can connect his guitar in case he forgets to take his songs.

Rockville Powered PA Speaker System Best Deal

Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K All In One DJ/PA Package (2) 12" DJ/PA...
  • Package Includes: (1) Rockville RPG122K Dual 12" Powered Speakers, Bluetooth+Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables. (1)...
  • (2) Rugged tripod speaker stands. (1) Wired microphone. (1) 19 Ft. 1/4" Cable for Active to Passive Speaker...
  • 25mm Piezo Compression Horn Tweeter For Clear Highs. Bluetooth Built In- Now you can input any audio signal...

1. Powered DJ Speaker System Pair 1000W 10″ Alphasonik


In the first place, we include the great Alphasonik All-in-one Powered Loudspeaker system. This system is ready to take it out of the box and configure it. This powerful system includes 1 active speaker and 1 passive speaker. As you know, the active speaker has volume control and equalizer on the back, but the passive speaker only includes the inputs for the connection cables.

In this case, you can configure the active speaker for the entire system. If you wish, you can also work the passive speaker independently, so that you can configure the sound directly from your mixer or from software such as virtual DJ on your computer.

Like the previous ones, this system includes stands so you can easily support them. With a high-quality microphone, you can encourage any party without any problem. Also included is the micro cable which is of very good quality and durable.

This system has Bluetooth, so you can connect your mobile device with Bluetooth, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. With the Alphasonik you can enjoy your digital music by connecting an SD card or USB media disk. Like all systems, you can also play your audio content through the AUX input.

It also includes FM radio, so you can also listen to your favorite station when you don’t want to program music from any device. Easily adjust the sound and set your favorite station easily thanks to its small LED display.

The kit includes a wireless remote control to add more functionality to the system. The system is compatible with devices with 3.5 mm traditional analog jack output. It also includes XLR, RCA, and other auxiliary functions.

The speakers also include LED strobe lights that flash with the beat of the music. With the microphone, you can work in events, karaoke parties, or any other occasion. In short, with this great combo, you can really impress your audience.

This system also allows you to connect any electric guitar (or any other electronic equipment), ideal for people who have a musical band and wish to have the best DJ Speakers equipment.

Finally, the cabins are made of materials resistant and durable to nature and the hostile mobile environment. And its design incorporates a handle that allows you to easily transport the speakers.

Customer Reviews:

Trey Downing says that the speakers are great so far and that they sound great at moderately high levels. He also comments that the whole team looks and works very well. The only complaint he has is that the stands can tip over if the speaker is struck because they are a bit heavy, but it is nothing that cannot be solved. He considers it a great purchase so far.

Nwebb says he bought these speakers to connect his movie projector. Also, he thinks that when he sets it up correctly he feels like in the cinema. He also says he loves the radio option and that the stands are well built.

Robert is very excited about his purchase and thinks that the LED lights are not overwhelming and add a singularity to the speakers while playing music. Also, he comments that the bass sounds incredible and the clarity of the sound great. And that the microphone and Bluetooth work very well.


As you can see that system is ideal for parties, events, and even for bars. With this system, you can also organize small outdoor concierges, or campsites, or watch outdoor cinema. So do not expect more! Improve the sound quality of your parties with the Alphasonik system by setting the equalization of bass and treble to ensure the best output sound quality using the ECHO voice function.

Alphasonik Powered DJ Speaker System Best Deal


Having a good DJ system is essential for large parties. The systems shown in this post are the ones that best meet the characteristics of sound power, quality, brand, price, durability, and customer feedback. All have their advantages and disadvantages, it is your decision to select the system that best suits your needs.

These systems have been selected as the best since they meet all the characteristics that any professional DJ needs for a good performance in their concerts.

We have selected the Alphasonik system as the number one mainly due to the quality of the brand and the price. The Alphasonik brand offers a guarantee of all its products and the price of this system is really cheap.

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