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How to Connect Dj Speakers to Laptop with Cables or Bluetooth

May 15, 2020


Nowadays, there are many people who wonder how to connect DJ speakers to a laptop. They really want to experience better sound, since the external speakers connected to your laptop provide a more powerful sound and better quality.

The correct way to connect DJ Speakers to your laptop is different from the way you connect the normal speakers of your computer. So pay attention because in this post we will explain the correct way to do it.

You do not need a sophisticated system of DJs to do this. All you need is a 1-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable, also called audio cable 2 to 1 male (2 RCA A Plug / Jack 3.5mm Stereo Sound). You can find it from 4 feet long up to 25 feet long. Since you do not need to connect a mixer or a turntable, you do not need a Y-Splitter or any other cable.

Connecting Speakers To a Laptop With Cables


In order to correctly connect the DJ Speakers to your laptop you must follow the following steps:

  1. Use the cable to attach speakers to your laptop by plugging them into the appropriate connection on your laptop. To do this, use the Jack 3.5mm plug of the cable to connect it to your laptop. The connection is often in the left or right side of your laptop and is labeled with a little headphone or speaker symbol.
  2. Use the 2 RCA Plugs of the cable to connect in the backside of your speaker. Most of the cases the RCA plugs have two colors, red and white. You must connect both the audio RCA plugs to your speaker, in the correct plug. White for the left an red for the right.

How to Connect Dj Speakers to Laptop

  1. Play the music from your computer and make sure it is audible in the speaker. You can manage the volume from your laptop or from your speaker (if you are using an active speaker). Passive speakers have no volume control on their back, so the best way to control the volume is from your laptop.
  2. If you have problems listening to music in your speaker, you should check that your laptop’s audio device is working correctly. To do this you must go to the Control Panel of your computer. You can do it in several ways depending on the operating system of your device. If you are in windows you just have to go to the start menu or click on the windows icon and go to the control panel.
  3. Once here click on Hardware and Sound.


  1. Then click on Manage Audio Devices. This is located under the Sound category.


  1. Once you do this, a pop-up window appears. Here you can see if your speaker is enabled or not. If the speaker is not enabled you must right click on the speaker icon and select the enable option. Also, you can click on the small red X on the speaker button to activate it. And that’s it! Your speaker has been enabled.


NOTE: The green check icon appears when the speaker is enabled. If after doing this you still have problems with the audio device of your laptop, you should check that the drivers of your computer are working correctly, if not, you should download or update the audio drivers of your laptop.

  1. In this pop-up sound window, you will also find several tabs. In the General tab, it is possible to change the icon. There is also a button called properties where you will find information on the operating status of the audio device, the controller, and other details.
  2. In this sound window, you will also find the Levels tab. This tab is very useful when you are using conventional speakers for computers that are small and come in pairs. You can leave the pointer in the center if you want to hear the sound in the two speakers. You can also slide it to the right if you want to hear the speaker on the right, or slide it to the left if you want to hear the speaker on the left.
  3. The last one is the Advanced tab that serves to select the sample rate and bit depth to be used when running in shared mode. Here you can also see a small section exclusively to give priority to applications. Once a change has been made, you must click on the apply button and then click on accept. It also gives you the option to restore the default values.

When you are already satisfied with the sound in your speaker you must click on accept in all the pop-up windows to close them.

Connecting Speakers To A Laptop Via Bluetooth


Another highly recommended choice is to connect your laptop to your Speaker via Bluetooth. Currently, there are many brands that offer DJ Speakers with Bluetooth so you can connect them with your laptop. You can find them in different sizes and prices. In addition, this type of speaker not only works with your laptop, but they also work with other mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, iPad, etc. So you can play your lists wherever you are.

The steps to follow to connect your DJ Speaker to your laptop via Bluetooth are:

  • Turn on your speaker and put it in Bluetooth mode. (In some cases it works just by turning on the Speaker, in other cases, you must put your Speaker in Bluetooth mode).
  • Once you do this, you must activate the Bluetooth from your laptop.
  • Then click on add Bluetooth & other devices.
  • And click on Bluetooth. Here you must find your speaker by name, or by model. The signal from your Speaker should appear in the list of available Bluetooth connections on your laptop.
  • When your speaker appears in the list of available connections, you must click on it to connect.

Remember to check that your laptop has Bluetooth drivers installed. If the Bluetooth drivers are not activated on your laptop, you must go to the official site of your laptop brand and download and activate them.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop Video


Here is an excellent video of our friend Gadget Lover that shows you how to connect your speaker to your laptop via Bluetooth.


Connecting your DJ Speakers to your laptop is an easy and economical way to get quality sound with good power. You do not need sophisticated elements or DJ systems to give a good atmosphere to your parties. With only a quality DJ Speaker and a laptop with good music, you can make your events amazing. It also makes you look like a professional DJ.

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