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Best DJ Speakers

The Top 10 of DJ Speakers Brands

March 6, 2021

When you get to this site, you will surely be wondering, what are the best brands of DJ speakers?

Currently, there are many brands of speakers in the market. However, only a few make quality devices. For this reason, we have decided to create this top 10, where we will include the best brands of DJ speakers on the market according to experts.

With this top, you will be able to have a broader picture when deciding to buy the best DJ speaker.

What is the Best DJ Speakers Company?

It is very difficult to determine which is the best brand. With the markets of developed countries crammed with brands and developing countries like China creating new devices, it is difficult to determine which is the best. However, there are several brands that predominate in the market due to the quality of their products. These brands have been internationally recognized for a long time, and there are many fans and DJs who use them.

The Top 10 of DJ Speakers Brands

So without further ado, these are the brands according to what, in my opinion, have the best speakers and sound units.

1. JBL 

The JBL brand has been gaining recognition, especially for its Bluetooth devices. However, this company manufactures a wide range of speakers, including Active Speakers, Active subwoofers, passive speakers, passive subwoofers, studio monitors, as well as components, bags, and stands.

This company manufactures the best passive speakers for musicians, DJs, places of worship, public address, and commercial environments. Its speakers are characterized by a diaphanous and powerful sound. For example, the PRX815XLFW is a self-powered extended low-frequency subwoofer system.
This company also manufactures car speakers of different sizes and designs that adjust to the dimensions of your car.

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The Bose company is another great speaker company. This company creates state-of-the-art speakers, with clear and powerful sound. The brand specializes in portable PA systems and Loudspeaker systems.
With modern designs and powerful sound, this brand is the preferred choice for professional DJs of all levels. Its compact L-shaped designs, such as the L1 compact system, are causing a sensation among sound lovers.

Since they are able to offer a uniform sound throughout the stage and to the entire audience, even to the lateral ends. In addition, they can be installed in two ways: folded, for small spaces, or extended, for larger spaces. On the other hand, its systems are easy to install, and as always, designed to be portable and easily transportable.

The Bose company has specialized in sound and, apart from offering Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and home theaters, it also offers high-quality headphones. Its designs are categorized according to the audience and it offers “small” speakers for 100 people and also larger designs for 500 people.

If you want to see more products of the Bose brand, click here.

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3. Sony

One of the most famous and recognized brands worldwide. From video cameras and televisions to DJ speakers, the Japanese brand Sony is known for the excellent quality of its products.

As for speakers, the Sony brand has specialized in manufacturing speakers with lights and effects, to give a better atmosphere to your parties. Their most current designs are modern and with clear sound. They also have karaoke designs, ideal for parties with friends.

Although their designs are striking, there are few models of speakers for DJs that have been launched. The best-known designs are the MHC-V71, the GTKXB90, and the 3-way designs such as the SSCS5 and SSCS3. On the other hand, its speakers do not have much power and are for use in closed places.

The special thing about their designs is that they can turn a simple space like the living room of your house, into a whole nightclub. Thanks to its lights and effects, you will feel that you are in the best disco in your city.

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4. Yamaha

Yamaha speakers are preferred by musicians and guitarists looking for sound devices that offer clarity and good amplification.

Yamaha is another brand with a long history offering quality speakers with incredible sound. This brand has been specialized in all-weather speakers, so you can use them outdoors without problems.

Another specialty of this brand is the sound towers. These towers work very well as speakers for DJs, as well as for home theater. Some models like the NS-F901 or NS-P150 offer high-resolution sound with good power. In this way, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. With these towers, your parties will be the same.

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5. EV

The Electro-Voice company has been gaining recognition for several years. Many DJs and artists around the world have chosen this brand. And it is not for less, since their Speakers and microphones are of truly incomparable quality. His team has been dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever-increasing expectations of audiences.

EV loudspeakers are designed, manufactured, and tested for maximum reliability. Speaker cabinets are tested to levels that exceed required industry safety standards. This company uses software to configure Electro-Voice’s online arrays for optimized and consistent coverage. In this way, it guarantees excellent quality sound in all directions.

The sound quality of the EV speakers is among the best on the market. Its great trajectory, since 1927, makes it one of is one of the most experienced companies manufacturing speakers for DJs. They are passionate and committed people to offer the best products.

Finally, it should be noted that EV is distinguished by being one of the few companies that design all components internally (housings, waveguides, controllers). In this way, they guarantee excellent quality for all audio applications, from a standalone loudspeaker to a networked sound system. A great choice for professional DJs. Visit the EV store here.

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6. RCF

Created in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, RCF is another brand with a long history in audio and sound equipment with worldwide recognition. The RCF company was one of the first European OEM suppliers of international brands, thanks to the accumulated experience in high power transducers.

The company started with microphones and electroacoustic transducers (loudspeakers). Today, this brand stands out for its giant systems for events with large audiences. For this reason, RCF has been the company in charge of the sound of Italian stadiums and cathedrals for a long time. Although they also stand out for their high-quality portable speakers.

Since 2017, all DSP active loudspeakers have incorporated FiRPHASE technology. With this, 0 ° linear phase reproduction is possible. RCF is the first audio manufacturer to have a complete catalog of 0 ° compatible sound systems, including online arrays. This makes RCF one of the most important audio and sound companies in the world, with thousands of followers in Europe and throughout America.

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7. Mackie

The North American company Mackie is another of the big ones. The company began manufacturing professional audio equipment and guitar amplifiers. Currently, they manufacture all kinds of audio equipment ranging from audio mixers to Speakers.

The Mackie company has had great recognition in North America since its birth in 1988. During the early 90s, they launched their first mixer and it was a great success, due to the novelty of the project. However, it was in the mid-90s that the Mackie company had its greatest recognition. This happened in 1996, when the company launched the CR-1604 mixer, selling hundreds of thousands of units and representing more than 48% of Mackie’s total revenue at the time. This led the company to be recognized as one of the greats of sound internationally.

During this time, Mackie remained squarely in the mixer category. But shortly thereafter they diversified their market and introduced power amplifiers, powered mixers, and active studio monitors. Today it is possible to find a wide range of Mackie brand audio products. Some of their products are Powered Loudspeakers, Professional Passive Loudspeakers, Professional Powered Loudspeakers, PA systems, and much more. All with the quality and backing of the Mackie brand.

In closing, it must be said that The Mackie SRM is one of the most widely used portable speakers in the world. Another of its star products are its new 2000W sound boxes, true beasts of sound. Visit the Mackie store and check more products here.

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8. Pyle

The Pyle Company is one of the best DJ Speakers companies. This company has also managed to specialize in the manufacture of speakers. Their designs are modern and very beautiful. Many of his designs include lights that flicker with the rhythm of the music. This characteristic makes them the ideal speakers for home parties and meetings in closed spaces.

You can find them in different sizes and with different power levels. The preferred sizes for DJs are 10 “and 12” inches. Although some prefer the 15 “for their power. The Pyle Company has strived to create booths with very powerful sound. It is possible to find speakers from 700W to even 1500W, powerful enough to make a mini-concert on your block.

In addition, Pyle also produces DJ speaker systems or duos that go up to 2000W. These systems are generally composed of an active and a passive speaker. In this way, you can interconnect them to use them together and thus add more sound power.

Finally, if you decide on a speaker with a lot of power, remember not to disturb your neighbors, you will not want problems with the law. To see more products of the Pyle company click here.

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9. Behringer

Behringer is another great audio equipment company. It was founded by the Swiss engineer Uli Behringer on January 25, 1989, in Willich, Germany. The company is formed by a multinational group of companies worldwide. Although it was originally a German manufacturer, it now manufactures its products in China.

Since 2016, Behringer has grown into a manufacturer of synthesizers and drum machines, including original synthesizers. This same year they released their first commercial synthesizers, Deepmind 12 and Deepmind 6. Since 2018, Behringer has announced and produced several high-quality analog synthesizers and drum machine clones.

However, Behringer also makes many unlicensed clones and recreations of vintage synths, chips, and hardware. Which has led to legal challenges. In 1997, the Mackie Company charged Behringer with trademark infringement and sued for $ 327 million in damages. Despite everything, the claims were later rejected by the court.

Today Behringer is established as one of the 10 largest audio brands. Its large team of engineers not only manufactures rhythm synthesizers but also high-quality, powerful DJ speaker systems. For example, the Behringer Eurolive VP1800S achieves a power of 1600 W, an example of clarity and sound power. You can know more products of this brand by clicking here.

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10. Gemini

Gemini is another leading brand of DJ, professional audio, and home audio equipment. The Gemini Sound company was founded in 1974 and is based in New Jersey, USA. Its wide range of audio products including DJ CD players, DJ turntables, DJ mixers, professional amplifiers, speakers, wireless microphones, and DJ audio effects.

Its line of speakers for DJs is one of the most used in the American continent. The speakers are more modern than the average audio brand, with features like built-in Bluetooth, LED light arrays, and support for USB and SD cards.

The speaker systems of this company also offer high quality and very powerful sound. You can find them in the sizes 10 “, 12”, and 15 “, with powers that vary from 800W to 2000W. To see the products of this company click here.

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Other Good Brands:

There are other companies that are very good and that also manufacture high-quality DJ speakers and we will see them below:


The North American company QSC founded in 1968 in California is another of the great audio brands. Although we did not include it in the top 10, it is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high-quality power amplifiers, speakers, digital mixers, and digital signal processors.

QSC products are used by professional production, corporate, and film customers around the world. QSC is the stadium sound company for the University of Wisconsin. The influence of this brand in California and the west coast is quite marked. QSC is the brand in charge of the audio of the Alamo cinema complex in Los Angeles CA and of recognized corporations such as Linkedin.

This company is characterized by always being at the forefront of audio equipment. A complete team of professionals constantly develops innovative products such as modern processors and their Q-SYS systems.

As for loudspeakers, its CP, QSC K.2, KW, and KS series powered loudspeakers stand out. The CP series offers astonishing performance with a highly efficient 1000W power amplifier. In addition, the CP is remarkably compact and lightweight, making it easy to load, transport, lift and deploy. The QSC K.2 series is the perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, and high functionality, with simple and intuitive operation. The KW Series represents the next evolutionary step in wood cabinet speakers. They include the KW122, KW152, KW153, W181 models; These vary according to the size of the speaker, which translates into frequency range, nominal coverage, and output.

Finally, the KS Series represents the next generation of K-family subwoofers. The KS Series subwoofers offer high performance, flexibility, portability, and long-term reliability. The KS112 model is ultra-compact, the size is 12 “and its power reaches up to 2000W. The KS212C model is called Directional, its size is also 12”, but its power even reaches up to 3600W. The KS118 model is the most powerful of all, its size is 18 “and its power is an astonishing 3600W. It can be used vertically or horizontally. The ideal subwoofer for small or medium concerts. To see the QSC products click here.


ION Audio is a privately held American company founded in 2002 to offer easy-to-use audio products at an affordable price. ION Audio company designs and manufactures Bluetooth speakers, turntables, electronic musical instruments, and conversion products.

A noteworthy aspect of this company is that it designs devices that allow the user to transfer their old media to a digital format. Something very requested these days by people who still have cassettes and DJs that handle acetate records.

The design of the speakers of this brand makes them true sound boxes. This brand manufactures speakers of all types and of all sizes. The speakers of this brand have modern designs and are made of durable materials. Some characteristics of its speakers for DJs are that they include various functionalities such as Bluetooth, lights, water resistance, and even sound effects. Such is the case of the Explorer FX model which includes interactive sound effects.

The only downside is that its DJ speakers don’t have much power. Its power varies from 50W to 600W.


The Alphasonik company also offers a wide range of high-quality DJ speakers. This company in addition to loudspeakers also offers headphones and car speakers. However, the most outstanding products of this company are the speakers for DJs.

This brand has 5 different DJ speaker series. The most used series are the BTS series, PKG series, and BAT series. Each of these series has four different models. Each model has a different size. Available sizes are 8 “, 10”, 12 “and 15”. The systems of the PKG series are systems composed of a pair of speakers, microphone, and stands.

Other series are the Venom series and the Mayhem Series, whose designs are more compact and robust. These are the series designed for professional DJs. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Alphasonic company also manufactures powerful subwoofers such as the Alphasonic APP122. As you can see, this brand manufactures a wide range of speakers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And all backed by a good growing brand. Click here to see more Alphasonic products.

Alto Professional

Alto Professional was founded in 2000 in the USA. It is a company dedicated to manufacturing speakers of different types and Bluetooth devices. This company builds its speakers using modern manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge DSP technology, and sophisticated designs.

Alto Professional company team has strived from the beginning to manufacture the highest quality speakers at affordable prices.

This brand has also launched different types of series: TS3 Series, Ubber Series, and TX2 Series. The power of the TS3 series or Truesonic 3 series stands out since all its models handle powers of up to 2000W. Even the 8 “model handles this kind of power. The TX2 Series handles less power and a more informal and less robust design than the TS3 Series. As for the Ubber series, they are their sound boxes, ideal for musicians and guitarists. These soundboxes have power between 50W to 100 W. The products of this brand also come equipped with Bluetooth, are rechargeable, and completely portable. Click here to check more Alto professional products.


Rockville is a New York-based company. This brand has been dedicated to developing a wide range of audio products. Rockville sells headphones, speakers, microphones, subwoofers, karaoke, car audio, and soundbars.

The Rockville company offers a fairly extensive catalog of speakers for DJs. Its sound booths are modern and have a great sound quality and power. This brand develops PA speaker systems with powers ranging from 400W to even 3000W. Best of all, at very affordable prices. You can see the Rockville brand products by clicking here.

More Audio Devices Brands

So far we have seen the best brands for DJ speakers. However, there are other major audio device brands that you should consider.

The Pioneer, Cerwin Vega, Klipsch, Logitech, and Numark brands are other brands that make high-quality audio products. However, these companies are more specialized in devices such as mixers, home speakers, synthesizers, and other devices.

So, when you are thinking of buying a professional speaker, do not hesitate to buy one of the brands mentioned here. You can choose the brand and design that best suits your needs. Since they are certified and recognized companies around the world for the quality of their products.


Well, these have been what I consider the Top 10 DJ speakers brands. There may be other brands on the market that manufacture this type of audio device, however, they still do not have the recognition of those included here. Some companies have been in the audio industry for many years. Others have only been around for a couple of decades. But all of these companies include teams of engineers committed to constantly improving and delivering top-of-the-line products. That is what makes them the best. See you soon!

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