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What Are Integrated Speakers

May 15, 2020

The term integrated refers to inside of or installed in and is used to refer mainly to the monitors and modern PC’s that are manufactured with the included speakers.

What Are Integrated Speakers

This term is also used to refer to the CPUs that come with speakers included in its original structure. That is, they are built with the speakers included inside.

Laptops have built-in incorporated speakers, generally small, and of limited quality of sound in order to save space. As an alternative to using a computer speaker for improved sound, a laptop may be connected to any external audio system, usually a high-power high-quality setup.

The power of the sound in the case of the monitors will depend on the size and model of the monitor. Many of them sound really loud.

Special care should be taken with monitors that have integrated speakers because if you drop liquid on them, they can be damaged easily. The same happens with laptops.


  • You do not need to connect anything since as its name says they are integrated inside the monitor or PC.
  • Most of them sound good to make a small party in your living room.


  • If your coffee spills on them, the sound quality can be very affected, and you can even damage them completely and you will have to pay a great price to repair them or you will have to change them completely.
  • You can’t put your speakers at opposite points of your room to improve the sound since they are inside your monitor.


Currently, you can find many desktop PCs that only have a monitor and keyboard, that is, the speakers and the CPU are integrated into the monitor. This way you have everything in one piece to avoid cables and clutter. Personally, I have an ACER Monitor and it has come out very well, its sound is powerful and clean.

I hope this article helps you distinguish between integrated speakers and those that are not.

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